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Transportation & Mobility

People-centered solutions

Providence is a human-scale city where people can easily move about in a variety of ways. We can create an environment that allows people to move safely and easily, whether they are walking, biking, riding a bus, using mobility assistance devices, or driving a car. As Mayor, Gonzalo will build upon existing transportation options that improve safety, equity, health, and quality-of-life in our city:

  • Continue the implementation of the city’s Great Streets plan and its Green and Complete Streets ordinance, to ensure that our streets are designed to enable safe access for all users.

  • Properly maintain city-owned sidewalks and protected cycling infrastructure year-round, and explore new ways of ensuring safe winter passage on all sidewalks.

  • Establish a commission to explore the implementation of a free or reduced RIPTA bus fare program for Providence residents, as well as a partnership with higher education institutions to leverage their existing transportation infrastructure in support of concentric hubs connecting the existing “spokes” serviced by RIPTA.

  • Increase the frequency of scheduled road sweeping to at least once every 30 days. 

  • Consistently expand the city’s woefully inadequate road maintenance budget each year and allocate those resources based on need and metrics, not politics.

  • Implement best practices to expedite and track pothole repairs, ensuring rapid response and thus avoiding further deterioration of existing road surfaces.

  • Hold utility providers accountable for the proper repair of road surfaces when servicing underground infrastructure.

  • Implement best practices to improve the deployment of internal and contracted snow removal assets throughout the city.

  • Reallocate profits from speed cameras to a dedicated fund that would underwrite the  installation of traffic calming interventions on those streets with the goal of permanently removing the cameras once work is complete. 

  • Rethink and redesign school transportation to improve student, parent, and staff experience, as well as reduce neighborhood congestion around school pick-up/drop-off times.

  • Advocate at the state level for a 21st century transportation system that prioritizes the health and safety of all road users and reduces harmful air pollution and emissions.

  • Work with private owners of downtown parking lots and structures to expand their use to the general public when underutilized, relieving the pressure of on-street parking.

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